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KS2 Year 6 National Test Results

The performance in the End of Key Stage 2 National Tests (formerly known as SATs) of the pupils in Year 6 is measured in two ways; attainment and progress. Attainment being the performance of the pupil on the day achieving a 'Below Expected Standard', 'At Expected Standard' or 'Above Expected Standard' in the tests; and progress being a measure of whether the pupil has made the expected or indeed exceeded expected development in their learning. Pupils are expected to attain at least 'National Expected Standard' by the end of Key Stage 2.  All measures are compared to national figures of all other schools irrespective of their characteristics or location.


Year 6 National Test results

DWJS KS2 National Test Results - 2019

DWJS KS2 National Test Results (un-validated) - 2018

DWJS KS2 National Test Results (un-validated) - 2017

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Historical results and performance tables can be found here - as testing format and criteria have changed in 2016, previous results cannot be directly compared.

A massive well done to everyone for all their hard work.