•  Curriculum Overview - Spring 2020-21

    Curriculum Intent

    At Dormers Wells Infant and Junior School, our aim and vision for our curriculum design is to provide a subject specific curriculum that is enriched, diverse, broad, balanced and relevant to our learners. Learning is sequential, with a clear order which allows children to build on their skills and knowledge over time. We endeavour to ensure learning is engaging and stimulating; inspiring a love of learning which sparks curiosity, independence and critical thinking. Children are encouraged to respect, nurture and celebrate their unique attributes while developing wellbeing and a positive self-image.


    Click on the year group below to find out the main learning objectives. You can use these overviews to plan additional research or make relevant visits, as this will further support your child’s learning and understanding.


    Year 3


    Year 4


    Year 5


    Year 6