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Maths Workshop at DWHS (4 images)

Created: 17 Dec 19 11:49 | Last modified: 17 Dec 19 11:50

More Able Puzzle Academy (31 images)

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Year 5 Maths Masterclass (4 images)

Year 5 recently attend a maths master class by the Royal Institution primary mathematics at West Acton Primary school. The children worked with a specialist computer scientist to understand Binary Numbers. Pupils worked through various activities converting Decimal numbers into Binary numbers and vice versa. They also were taught how pictures and words are represented in the Binary system. It was a fantastic afternoon, with everybody having fun and learning lots of new maths and computer science skills.

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27.02.19 Project Focus Challenge Day (51 images)

Y3 & 4 explored the world of new technologies, art, sports and science through team building day.

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Y6 Kew Gardens Art Project (23 images)

Over the Spring term, 5 lucky Year 6 pupils took part in the 'Art of Resilience Project' in Kew Gardens. This project was a collaboration between the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Commonwealth and 4 London schools. The children created art around the theme of The Commonwealth, empowering women, climate change and plant adaptation. Take a look at the pictures from several events.

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Y6 Whipsnade Zoo Trip (13 images)

On Tuesday 20th June, Y6 went to visit Whipsnade Zoo. It was a beautiful sunny day, in fact, it was so hot that many of the animals had to be kept inside out of the sun! Nevertheless, the Y6 pupils had an amazing day out and saw lots of different animals!

Created: 28 Jun 17 10:03 | Last modified: 28 Jun 17 10:44

E-safety Workshop - Parental Settings (6 images)

Parents brought in their tablets and phones and learnt how to set up parental control on their devices. They were also given advice on which websites would help them keep their child safe online. The biggest message of the morning was: Parents are in charge - limit the time children have access to devices and say "NO" to your child if you feel uncomfortable. Make sure that you educate your child on how to stay safe on the internet.

Created: 16 Jun 17 11:13 | Last modified: 16 Jun 17 11:17

Brilliant Club 2017 (3 images)

Last Saturday 28th of January 2017 Mrs Jones took the children from year 5 who graduated from the Brilliant club for the graduation at Kings College London. It was a great day out with parents waiting nervously for the ceremony to begin. Quotes from the children:- "It was fun and it gave me more detail of the university"; "I enjoyed going to the university - it was fun and I would love to go again"​. Parents enjoyed looking around the college and had some great tips on how to prepare their children for University. Congratulations to:- Nasir, Saleya, Nooha, Harneet, Mathivathanan, Rajvinder, Mariyyah, Raahi and Masooma. A very big thank you to parents and Mrs Lawson for helping on the day.

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A well earned trip to Waterstones (2 images)

The children who raised the most money for Children in Need were recently rewarded by Ms Taylor . They were treated to a visit to Waterstones bookshop in Ealing Broadway , where they awarded with a £10 book token, to select books of their choice. This was followed by lunch out with Mrs Jones. Well done children , in total they raised over £700 between them.

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Year 6 Carnival Project (29 images)

A few memories of the Year 6 Carnival Project.

Created: 11 Nov 16 09:02 | Last modified: 11 Nov 16 09:12

Year 4 BFG Project (48 images)

Here are a few photos recording the progress of the Year 4 Class BFG project.

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Autumn Still-Life by Year 5 (30 images)

We made a pencil drawing from observation of a still-life in the style of the Dutch artist Jan Van Huysum (1682 to 1749). We finished our drawings using brush and ink work. We learnt to compose from observation and we used line and shape to create our drawings. We used a variety of thin and thick lines with our brushes to create a very bold finished drawing.

Created: 27 Sep 16 09:30 | Last modified: 27 Sep 16 09:36

Met-Track Presentations (18 images)

Photos from the presentations after the final Met-Track session and sports day.

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More Sports Day 2016 (6 images)

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Sports Day 2016 (130 images)

Here are some pictures taken on Sports Day 2016

Created: 29 Jun 16 09:46 | Last modified: 29 Jun 16 10:03

Sinbad the Sailor Christmas Panto (11 images)

This years Christmas Panto was Sinbad the Sailor. Having stole the Old Man of the Sea's gold, Sinbad returned home to see his mother - the lovely Cynthia...only thing was...the Old Man of the sea and his cronies were determined to get their revenge!

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Year 3 Design Technology Week (9 images)

Here are some Year 3 pupils creating scrumptious pizzas.

Created: 8 Dec 15 10:09 | Last modified: 8 Dec 15 10:14

The Brilliant Club - Launch Trip (10 images)

On Tuesday 3rd of November, Mrs Jones took the members of this years Brilliant Club to Corpus Cristi College, Cambridge. It was a fabulous trip and the children has a taste of what college life was like. They had their first tutorial with a lecturer; lunch in the halls; a guided tour of the campus and homework!! Priya said, "I touched the walls of the lecture room and felt so much history!" "It was a fantastic trip steeped in history and learning. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience," said Mrs Jones. Pabisan, another member of the groups quoted, "It's like a palace for Kings and Queens, I would love to learn here!"

Created: 10 Nov 15 09:53 | Last modified: 10 Nov 15 10:03

Cross Country Competition (15 images)

Created: 16 Oct 15 09:57 | Last modified: 16 Oct 15 10:00

Netball Tournament (10 images)

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Y6 Leavers Disco (15 images)

Well the time has come to move onwards and upwards. Year 6 leavers party was a night to remember! Photo booth , sweet carts, drinks fountain and the fabulous sounds from an awesome DJ. This extravaganza was organised by the talented party planner AKA Mrs Cornelius.

Created: 22 Jul 15 11:10 | Last modified: 22 Jul 15 11:52

14.07.15 Cycling Showcase (6 images)

Catherine, our resident cycle instructor, and her team organised a delightful show to demonstrate the skills of the children who have been working with her this year. The children showed amazing control and confidence - Thank you Catherine & Co!

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Y6 presents: Pirates of the Curry Bean! (16 images)

Year 6 present a tale of adventure on the high seas – Pirates of the Curry Bean. The story includes courage, buried treasure, kidnapping and plenty of laughs along the way. Year 6 had an amazing time producing their own costumes, props, dances and don’t forget the brilliant acting and singing. To quote one of the parents, ‘It had me in stitches…the jokes were hilarious and the acting superb!’

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Sports for Schools (6 images)

On Tuesday 16th June, Luke Lennon-Ford (200m and 400m runner) visited our school and all the children took part in an exercise extravaganza, helping to raise money for Sports for Schools Charity. It was fabulous to see all the children (and some staff) being energized and determined to complete the circuits. Luke then gave an assembly and showed us some of his warm up routines, as well as telling us something about his background in athletics. We wish him the best of luck at the Olympics in Rio next year.

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A visit to the National Portrait Gallery (4 images)

A small group of children were selected to attend a workshop at the National Portrait Gallery. The children studied 2 portraits of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and were invited to draw a new portrait to depict Mary Seacole. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience especially walking and admiring some of the newer portraits such as David Beckham and Dame Kelly Holmes.

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Summer 2012 Awards (5 images)

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Clubs (1 images)

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General Photos (15 images)

General Photos

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